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Amy Schwarz Nutrition 
Dietetic practice specializing in eating disorder recovery and gastrointestinal disorders


Meet Amy

Amy received her Bachelor's degree in Art History at Wellesley College. In 2015, Amy began her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at NYU. She was then accepted to NYU’s prestigious dietetic internship program, and was placed at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Her interest in eating disorders from her own experience carried through her education, and she also developed a particular interested in how food relationships impact digestive health. After passing her RD exam, Amy began working at an eating disorder treatment center where she gained invaluable counseling skills. Following the treatment center, Amy worked in a private nutrition practice before pursuing her own practice.  

Let Amy help you on your nutrition journey today! 

Counseling Packages

I cannot say enough great things about Amy Schwarz-she completely transformed my eating habits and the way that I view food and wellness as a whole. When I first began working with Amy, I was a self-proclaimed incredibly picky eater, eating only pasta, pizza, and the occasional fruit or vegetable. After my first session with Amy, I came away with the drive and desire to try new foods. Together, we set a goal of introducing three new foods into my repertoire and as someone who is driven by the challenge of meeting a goal, this was the perfect way to expand my palate! Throughout my work with Amy, I tried several new foods, tried many different recipes, and most importantly learned more about my personal health and wellness journey. My work with Amy was truly invaluable and I feel so fortunate to have worked with her!"

Ilana, CT

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