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Amy Schwarz

Nutrition Counseling

Empowering Well-Being Through Enjoyable Eating

New York Virtual Dietitian

Your Realistic and Honest Dietitian Advocating for Sustainable and Enjoyable Lifestyles

I'm Amy Schwarz, a realistic and honest dietitian dedicated to empowering my clients to enhance their overall well-being while savoring the foods they adore. I advocate for sustainable and enjoyable lifestyles instead of enforcing strict diets and inflexible meal plans.

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Meet Amy Schwarz

Gut Health Dietitian

Amy is your dedicated guide on the path to holistic well-being through personalized nutrition counseling specializing in...

Eating Disorder Dietitian

Amy has supported eating disorder clients in various settings, handling anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, ARFID, and OSFED. As an empathetic guide, she offers tailored nutritional counseling, addressing emotional and psychological aspects. Collaborating with specialists, she creates a safe space to rebuild a positive relationship with food, fostering empowerment and sustainable well-being. 

nutrition counseling

Diabetes Dietitian

As a diabetes dietitian, Amy specializes in empowering individuals to manage diabetes with informed dietary choices. Collaborating closely, she crafts personalized nutrition plans considering medical history, preferences, and lifestyle, recognizing the holistic nature of diabetes management. Amy's approach extends beyond conventional advice, educating on food impacts, offering meal strategies, customizing activity routines, and fostering habits that align with health goals. Committed as a supportive partner, whether newly diagnosed or seeking optimization, Amy ensures dedicated guidance throughout the journey.

nutrition counseling

Gut Health Dietitian

Amy offers personalized support for digestive wellness. Understanding the link between nutrition, mental health, and gut health, she tailors guidance to individual needs. Amy specializes in various gut disorders; additionally, she holds a special certification in IBS management and the low FODMAP diet through Monash University. Amy creates custom nutrition plans to address immediate concerns and foster long-term gut vitality. Collaborating closely, she implements dietary strategies for optimal gut health, supporting unique digestive needs on the journey to overall well-being.

Gut Health Dietitian

Why Choose Amy Schwarz as your Dietitian?

Choosing Amy means choosing a dietitian who's honest and practical, prioritizing your enjoyment of beloved foods while enhancing your well-being and steering clear of strict diets. 


Her focus? Crafting sustainable, enjoyable lifestyles. It's a collaborative journey— partners at every turn, customizing nutrition counseling for your active involvement, fostering empowerment. Expect continuous support for motivation on this journey towards your health goals. With flexible sessions, Amy adapts plans as life shifts, aligning with your changing lifestyle, preferences, or health. Education empowers—she equips you with not just guidance but also the tools for mindful, independent choices.

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