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Meet Amy Schwarz

Your dedicated guide on the path to holistic well-being through personalized nutrition counseling.

NY Dietitian

As a devoted dietitian. Amy Schwarz Nutrition specializes in addressing a spectrum of health concerns, from eating disorders and diabetes to gut health. Her professional journey is centered on empowering individuals to recognize the profound link between their dietary choices and overall health.


Her approach surpasses traditional diet plans, aiming to cultivate an environment where clients feel heard, understood, and inspired to enact enduring changes. Whether it's support for eating disorders, diabetes management, or improving gut health, Amy provides collaborative assistance. Her commitment involves offering personalized guidance tailored to each client's lifestyle, preferences, and individual circumstances, drawing from expertise in nutrition for gut health, women's health, diabetes management, and support for eating disorders.


Amy earned her Bachelor's degree in Art History from Wellesley College before pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition at NYU in 2015. She then completed NYU’s highly regarded dietetic internship program at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Amy's personal experience with eating disorders has greatly influenced her educational path, inspiring a deep interest in the relationship between food and mental health. After passing her RD exam, Amy gained valuable counseling skills while working at an eating disorder treatment center. She later transitioned to a private nutrition practice before establishing her own.

Understanding Nutritional Counseling with Amy Schwarz

Nutritional counseling is more than a diet plan; it's a journey towards holistic well-being, uniquely tailored to your individual health needs and personal goals. Amy Schwarz brings a compassionate and skilled approach to this journey, guiding you through the intricate relationship between your dietary choices and overall health.


With a focus on creating a supportive and understanding environment, Amy's nutritional counseling is designed to inspire lasting, positive changes in your life. Whether you're seeking help with eating disorders, managing diabetes, or improving gut health, Amy offers an empathetic and collaborative approach. Her counseling is not just about food choices; it's about adapting to your lifestyle, respecting your preferences, and addressing your specific health concerns, all while considering the emotional and psychological aspects of nutrition.


Amy's background, combining her personal experience with professional expertise, equips her to offer a unique perspective in nutritional counseling. Her approach is informed by a deep understanding of the complex relationship between food, body, and mind. By choosing Amy Schwarz Nutrition, you're not just selecting a dietitian; you're partnering with a dedicated guide committed to your journey of transformation and well-being. Embrace this adventure with Amy, where your health and happiness are the ultimate goals.

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