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Amy has always loved to eat food, and as a child, she enjoyed cooking and baking with her family. As an adolescent girl, she found her body changing and her weight increasing. Without knowing how to healthfully manage her weight, she engaged in disordered eating habits which led eventually to a diagnosis of Anorexia nervosa. With the help of an amazing dietitian, Amy recovered and learned an enormous amount about nutrition.


Amy became passionate about art history when she began at Wellesley College, and took that on as her major. When she graduated, she began working in fundraising at the Whitney Museum in New York. She loved fundraising, as it allowed her to form deep relationships and understand people’s motivations in order to connect them with an organization. As Amy’s fundraising career progressed, her passion for food and nutrition remained strong. She took time to think about a career that could marry her passion for connecting with people and her love for nutrition, looked back to the role of her dietitian in high school, and realized that she should pursue a career as a dietitian. In 2015, Amy began her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at NYU. She excelled in her classes (even the science ones, which she didn’t think were her forte!) She was then accepted to NYU’s prestigious dietetic internship program, and was placed at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Her interest in eating disorders from her own experience carried through her education, and she also became passionate about women’s health and digestive health. After passing her RD exam, Amy began working at an eating disorder treatment center where she gained is. She brings this skill, along with her passion for food and helping people find their motivation to change, to her practice.


In her free time, Amy loves to bake and cook with her two young children, Nate (3) and Ava (9 months), and her husband Matt. She also loves to run and do yoga. Amy loves food, and wants to help her clients enjoy what they eat and also choose foods that make them feel good. Like Alyssa, Amy knows that everyone is different and that there is not one diet or approach to eating that will work for everyone. Let Amy help you on your nutrition journey today!


How I Can Help You

Eating shouldn't be hard, right? We all eat several times a day. However, we are also bombarded daily with misinformation in the media that is not backed by science or fact. My goal is to empower you to make food choices that allow you to feel your best, and to enable you to understand the science of nutrition so that you can cut through the noise. 


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Digestive Wellness

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